Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reminiscing on My Art Career

In a group discussion today on Fine Art America we were talking about our art careers and reminiscing and I thought I’d share my response.

Castle on the Water
Oil on Canvas: 20 x 24 inch
I have to admit that I've always felt I had it easy. I was born into art utopia, but I've also always had so many options. There was a time when representational art was not just out of fad, it was illegitimate. But even then I had choices. I could probably have done marketable art, but I also have interest in science, business, engineering, and philosophy in which I could and did pursue as professional studies and careers (I think I have over 300 hours of college classes).  So I thought I had left art with an “oh well – sigh attitude. But my deciding not to exhibit was my greatest disappointment to my Dad. It also turned out to matter to my two kids, so last Thanksgiving I picked up a brush again.

I've been totally surprised at my emotional response. I’m incredibly touched (probably more for my Dad’s memory then my own sake) at the acceptance of representational art. I could almost weep at seeing these wonderful artists and their works on FAA. I’m really surprised at how deeply I had buried my love of art. But even now I think I have so many advantages over artist that took a different path or are just starting out. I've gotten to work at CERN (a particle accelerator in Switzerland), start several successful businesses, had two kids, traveled most of the world; I have some great stories to tell, and my paintings are my voice. It truly means more to me then I imagined to be able to sing again.