Saturday, November 2, 2013

New advances in printing technologies, bring fine art into everyone's reach.

Making Fine Art Available for Everyone.

Just about everyone loves art and recognizes how fine art is different and the personal connection you have with these one-of-a-kind artworks. The thrill of collecting your favorite artist is the same as the first car you bought with your own money when you were a kid. Years later you’ll still remember when you first saw it or who you were with. Because the artwork is a one-of-a-kind, it’s just yours. This is the joy of buying and gifting things you love.

Why buy Fine Art Prints?

But original fine art is costly. Without digital and printing technologies than in the past artists were limited to just selling originals. Because the entire artist’s cost and expenses had to be recovered in just a few sales a year, than they were very expensive. The more popular an artist got the more expensive their originals became because they were each hand painted custom pieces and therefore rare. For the novice collectors with small budgets, limited art knowledge and no appetite for the intimidating atmosphere at many established art galleries there were few options.

But with Giclee Art Reproductions, artist’s can now offer reproductions at a fraction of the original artwork. Producing Giclee art reproductions is a great way for artists to make their art more widely available at lower prices, and increasing their collector bases by offering affordable alternatives to more expensively priced originals. If someone loves a particular image, and the only way they can own it is by buying it in the form of a print or even as a t-shirt than that's absolutely OK. MEA Fine Art makes these new technology available to some of the best fine artists around the world so that contemporary fine art can now be available to anyone.

Technology has also increased buyers options. Buyers now have many choices in size and configuration of their art, and can order through POD(print-on-demand)services to best fit their available space and budget.

• Prices, are based on material cost not artist’s originals prices. MEA fine artists want to make their art available to even new collectors on a budget. No matter how expensive your favorite artist originals are for a limited time you can buy prints at a flat rate for all MEA artist. Collecting great art has never been so affordable. Now collecting even ‘blue chip’ artists is the same cost as an unknown but personal favorite. Discover your own taste in art with these affordable prints. This is the joy of art collecting or shopping; looking for that perfect piece. How you can afford to explore your taste in art with minimum investment risk. Do your own research and avoid the frustrating, confusing, and intimidating "talk" of high-end galleries? Take advantage of the special limited time offer of cost based pricing on our prints and merchandise to start building your collection with amazing values and your own style.
• Flat Rate pricing. We're serious about wanting to help new collectors experience the joy of collecting fine art, so we're currently pricing our giclee reproductions at flat rates for all artists (as opposed to the traditional way of basing pricing on the prices of the artist’s originals). MEA fine artists want to make their art available to even new collectors on a budget. No matter how expensive your favorite artist originals are for a limited time you can buy prints at a flat rate for all MEA artist. Collecting great art has never been so affordable.
• Lower investment risk.
• Configurations and POD selections
• Commercial uses (resale and licensing)

But the advances in digitizing and printing technologies has given us more than just inexpensive reproductions of fine art that are almost indistinguishable from the original. It has also led to a new original painting called an Enhanced Giclee. This is a print of the original painting on canvas that has been repainted by hand and signed by the original artist. Although pricing on Enhanced Giclee Originals is based on the artist labor rates, the artist is passing through to the buyer the inherent time saving obtained from current printing and digital technologies. Personalize customization is available; want the boy in the original painting to be a girl in your painting, or your signature bike painted into the shop scene? Then an Enhanced Giclee might be for you. In the end you have an original custom painting by your favorite artists for about ½ the price of an original work by that artist. And because it’s just yours and unique than it’s truly an original with the same feeling of connection and proud ownership that was hereto only available in original and limited editions offered through high-end galleries, auctions houses, and museums. Increase the collectibility of your art prints by having it enhanced into a brand new original or having it signed or personalized by the artist.

MEA Fine Art also uses advances in printing technologies to offer unique products based on artist original paintings. Think how amazing a wet bar or kitchen sink looks accented in custom ceramic tiles. MEA Fine Art is much more than just wall art. Use fine art anywhere you’d use any art. Fine art adds a richness and specialness to any card or merchandise. Don’t miss MEA Fine Art Collectibles - a unique line of artist designed gifts and ornaments. See how many ways we have for indulging your love of beauty.

If that’s not enough to get you to take the fine art plunge, than consider renting art. The most common reason for renting among all types of art renters is to have pieces rotating in and out of their space that enables them to spark up conversations with guests either on a continuous basis or just for special occasions at a lower cost. Why Individuals Rent Art:
• People choosing art for their homes are often intimidated by the thought of making a major investment in art. Renting allows the customer to “try” before they buy. Want to check if your art matches your couch cushions? Rent it for a week and see. The vast majority of renters do end up purchasing but renting allows buyers to spread this cost out, afford more art, and allow them to fine tune their collection.
• Renting artwork allows home owners to have beautiful art in their home at any time (maybe they are staging their home for sale, or trying to impress visitors for a party, need ‘props’ for wedding pictures or family portraits, etc), and when they want a new look they can simply rent a different piece.
• Apartment renters and student housing residents like rental because their space may change frequently.
• As your taste change so can your art, or maybe you have limited space. Keep it at least 3 months at low LT rates and you can return it or swap it for new art. Just perfect for a new look each season of the year.
• Just got to have the original or commissioned piece but need to make payments, rent-to-own is for you.
Why Companies Rent Art:
• Many businesses are choosing art rentals instead of purchasing because it allows them to keep their decor fresh without having to invest a lot of money into new art.
• Changing the artwork regularly enables employers to set the tone of the room(s) depending on how they want to be seen by their clients or create an atmosphere for their employees.