Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Memorial to a Big Brother

Holland Lake Lodge by Mary Ellen Anderson
On Labor Day 2014 my big brother, Bob, passed away. Bob was an avid outdoors man and loved nature. These are a collection of works I did while visiting or traveling with Bob over the years; a wonderful friend and brother.
Mary Ellen Anderson
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I was actually stranded when this painting was painted as a tree had broken under the weight of snow and killed my car.

Rusty a Hunting Dog by Mary Ellen Anderson’ title=

Bob loved his dogs and the sentiment was returned.

Gayle Highway by Mary Ellen Anderson’ title=

Road trips with my siblings, good times.


Colorful Colorado, where the love for nature began.


A deer Christmas card for a Dear brother.       


View from apartment we shared in Lawrence, Kansas while in college.

Sunset Over Serenity Lake by Mary Ellen Anderson’ title=

Floating trips.

Mountain Island Sanctuary by Mary Ellen Anderson’ title=’Mountain Island Sanctuary by Mary Ellen Anderson

Hiking trips.

Thanks, Bob. You were a wonderful guide. Love, Mary.